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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Macaron Flavours and Fillings

See recipe for actual Macarons here


Add 2 tbl spn Cocoa Powder to the almond meal macaron mixture before sifting.

90grm Dark Chocolate Chopped
2 tbl spn Thicken Cream
1/2 tea spn Peppermint Essence

Place chocolate and cream in a microwave safe bowl
Microwave on high for 1 minute or until chocolate melts
Stir with metal spoon to combine
Stir in peppermint essence
Refrigerate for 10 or so minutes until the mixture thickens and becomes spreadable
Pipe onto macaron


Add a little yellow food colouring to the egg whites before beating when making the Macarons. I used Gel food colouring

Buttercream Frosting
Lemon Juice
Yellow Food Colouring
Lemon Butter/Curd

Flavour and colour buttercream frosting with lemon juice and food colouring.
Pipe around the edge of 1 of the macarons leaving a space clear in the centre for the the lemon butter.
Spoon lemon butter into the centre.
Carefully place other 1/2 of the macaron on top


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