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Monday, May 23, 2011


Extras I have used
- frozen blue berries
- frozen raspberries and white choc drops
- normal choc drops
- strawberry and cream lollies
- stewed fresh apples, added cinnamon to the mixture & sprinkled tops with a cinnamon and sugar before baking

303g (606g) all purpose flour
7g (14g) baking powder
6g (12g) baking soda
pinch salt

105g (210g) sugar*
1/2 cup (1 cup) vegetable oil (I use canola)
1 egg (2 eggs)
1 egg yolk (2 yolks)
1 cup (2 cups) plain yogurt**

* SUGAR I never use this much cause I a mean smile and it also depends on what extras I add, if its choc I usually do about 170g give or take but if apple or something I do a bit more

**YOGURT I use easiyo plain, a double batch of muffins uses 1/2 of what you make and I just store in fridge and make a double batch the next week with what is left.

Combine dry ingredients and I usually mix in my kenwood for a few seconds or you could use a electric hand mixer or do by hand with a whisk. This is to combine ingredients well and air rate the flour ect.

Combine wet ingredients in separate bowl and mix.

Add wet to dry with your extras (berries or whatever) and the trick is not to over mix I just fold roughly with a spatula until is 'just' combined so it all still looks lumpy and NOT smooth and creamy.
Then you spoon mixture into muffin cases placed in tins by digging the spoon, getting a heap and then scraping it into the cases with another spoon. Handle mixture as little as possible and leave all rough on top, just as it put in the cases, does not matter if its uneven. Do not add more on top, do it in one scoop.

Bake at 190 (I do about 180) for 18-20, just take out of oven when they are a nice colour and spring back when you touch the centre.

The recipe is from Alton Brown, he is the food network guy that uses a lot of science in cooking and is very specific on the instructions for making muffins as above.

They sound a bit complicated but they are really quite easy once you get the hang of it and have all the ingredients in you cupboard.

I just make sure I always have heaps of flour, a large bottle of oil and easiyo yogurt and they are my fall back on food for the kids when the cupboard in bare.

I put into freezer within a few hours of cooking, then reheat in microwave to thaw or just pop into the kids lunches frozen. This way they stay really fresh.

Thanks Alton Brown

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