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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chicken Pie

Diced Chicken Breast
Chopped Onion
Diced Potato
Diced Pumpkin
2 table spn flour
Sliced Mushrooms
Chicken Stock (I use powder mixed with water)
Chicken Oxo Cube optional
Frozen Sheets of Flaky Pastry

Brown onion and then chicken breast in a pan
Add potato and pumpkin and cook for approx 5 mins stirring so it does not stick to pan
Add flour to pan, stir to coat all ingredients for a minute or two.
Add chicken stock and oxo cube stirring constantly until mixture thickens
Add peas and mushrooms
Cook for approx 5mins adding more water if necessary
Stir in cream
Get 1 sheet of flaky pastry (per pie dish) brush with water and place another on top, roll with rolling pin so now you have a double sheet of pastry for the top of the pie.
Place mixture into either a large pie dish or individual pie dishes and top with flaky pastry, cutting to fit and cutting a 1-2cm hole in the centre of pie to release steam while cooking.
Brush with milk and bake in oven following pastry packet instructions
(approx 200deg for 25mins)

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