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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


1/2 cup oil
big scoop of honey (I use one of those big black spoons that you use to stir stuff in the electric fry pan)
750g rolled oats (or half each of whole oats and rolled oats)

Put oil and honey in a microwave proof bowl
Melt for approx 1 min on high
Pour in half the oats and stir well
Then add the other half and stir again so they are evenly coated in oil/honey
Put in the microwave for 4 mins 30 secs on high
Stir well, especially in the middle so it doesn't burn
Return to the microwave for approx 2-3 mins on medium, depending on how well cooked it's getting.

Stir well, especially the middle then leave to cool
transferring to an air tight container.

Taken from Saving on Groceries Thread on EBB

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